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It can be difficult to find information about Wyoming’s regulatory agencies, rules and regulations, or even the WOGCC’s hearing docket list. GGA understands and has attempted to provide an easy resource for our clients to find the information they need. This information is public, so please refer to our Helpful Links page or contact us for more information.

Disposal Well Screening

GGA has helped permit hundreds of disposal wells in Wyoming through both the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ). In 2020 alone, GGA provided the engineering and compiled reports for over 40 Class II disposal well applications. Throughout our history, the same questions have been asked: ‘How long will it take to get a disposal well permit?’, ‘Can I convert my well to disposal?’, etc. To help answer these questions, GGA has put together a Disposal Well Screening Guide that provides a comprehensive list of common pitfalls and generally what to expect when permitting. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project in more detail!