WOGCC - Full Commission Hearings

WOGCC Docket #1533-2020

Samson v. Elephant - 8M Case

As of December 20, 2019, the Chapter 3, Section 8(m) amendment was adopted.  This “new rule” provides an owner the opportunity to operate a DSU if the current operator hasn’t drilled within the 2-year term of their APD(s).

WOGCC Docket #5123-2019

DSU Protest

The Commission settled a DSU dispute and ruled in favor of EME’s proposal to split a section in half laterally due to the presence of a fault; thus, creating two 960-acre DSUs and preventing a stranded 640-acre DSU.

WOGCC Docket #3529-2018

Frontier Pool Designation

While primary testimony was geologic, GGA provided supporting engineering analysis that resulted in the WOGCC ruling to retain the entire Frontier formation as a single pool instead of splitting into multiple pools.

WOGCC Docket #59-2021
Surface Commingle

Testimony was provided in a WOGCC examiner hearing to obtain permission to surface commingle production from the Dry Piney Unit.  The proposed method of commingling would divert all production to a common consolidated tank battery, preventing waste, protecting correlative rights, and reducing the surface footprint.

Disposal Wells in Wyoming

Class I

Class II - Water

Class II - Gas

Moneta Divide Madison Disposal

The WOGCC Commission approved Class II disposal into the Madison formation for the Marlin 29-21.  GGA provided engineering analysis and testified to the requirements of the WOGCC Rules and Regulations of Chapter 4, Sections 5 and 12.  Testimony by Bonnie S. Percy, P.E. proved the subject well will not impact or cause damage to shallow aquifers, and it is technologically impractical for nearby municipalities to utilize the subject well as a source for potable water.

Deep CO2/Acid Gas Disposal

Information on Application for Disposal Well
Picture of an image of a map with various information

Horizontal Disposal

Horizontal Disposal Well

Unitization: Primary & Secondary Recovery Forecasts

GGA has provided testimony for unitization (including feasibility studies) and aided in coordination for federal approval of secondary recovery units for the following formation: Shannon, Sussex, Frontier, Muddy and Minnelusa.  GGA has also provided regulatory support for numerous EOR projects producing from the Shannon, Codell, Muddy and Minnelusa formations.

Sussex Unit Production

Minnelusa Unit Production

Water Saturation through Log Analysis

LAS Log of Mentor 2-34

Log analysis of the Frontier formation was performed for the Mentor 2-34 to determine water saturation which is depicted in the Pickett Plot.  This well is located near Prairie Du Chien and the analysis was requested by Michigan DEQ. 

Pickett Plot for Mentor 2-34