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Water Resource Management
Surface Water

Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program which, in Wyoming, has been delegated to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ).  We are also familiar with Water Management Plans for BLM.

Preparation of Use Attainability Analyses (UAAs) by GGA has resulted in successful petitions to the WDEQ for site-specific surface water quality discharge limits and reclassification of discharge streams to meet more appropriate surface water quality standards.

GGA has experience preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) necessary to discharge storm water associated with construction activities under the Wyoming Pollution Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES).  GGA also has the expertise to review records at the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office to determine surface water rights and prepare surface water right permit applications and petitions.


GGA’s groundwater experience includes preparation of Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit applications for Class I (Commercial), Class II and Class VI disposal/injection wells.  Aquifer characterization, pump testing and analysis and groundwater flow modeling are also part of GGA’s groundwater expertise.  Similar to surface water rights, GGA has the expertise to review records at the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office to determine groundwater rights and prepare groundwater right permit applications and petitions.

Hydrology/Water Resource Management Services

Hydrology/Water Resource Management

  • Produced water discharge permitting
  • Produced water disposal well permitting
  • Water well pressure testing analysis
  • Pit treatment permitting

Water Rights

  • Preparation of surface and groundwater right abstracts
  • State engineer permitting