Petroleum Consulting Services & Experience

Petroleum Geology
GGA has affiliations with local and regional geology firms.  This arrangement provides seamless access to a broad range of geologic experience which naturally supplements our engineering staff.

Associated work includes log analysis; petroleum reservoir characterization; reserve analysis; structural and stratigraphic mapping and cross sections; and representation before the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC).


Geology Services

Representation before the WOGCC

  • Hearing consultation and strategic planning
  • Drilling and spacing units
  • Increased density
  • Exception locations
  • Secondary and enhanced oil recovery units
  • Injection and disposal well applications (including CO2 and H2S)
  • Commingling approval
  • Horizontal well approval

Well Evaluation

  • Geophysical log analysis
  • Core analysis interpretation
  • Lithologic sample interpretation

Regional and Site Specific Geologic Studies

  • Prospect generation and screening
  • Structural and stratigraphic mapping and cross sections
  • Economic and geologic evaluations and reports
  • Enhanced oil recovery screening