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Air Quality & Engineering


Our air quality engineering and permitting staff has experience with State and Federal regulatory requirements for oil and gas production facilities and ancillary equipment.  For example, Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations (WAQSR); New Source Review (NSR); Chapter 6, Section 2 Oil and Gas Production Facilities Permitting Guidance as well as New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subparts JJJJ, K, Ka, Kb and OOOO; National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) Subparts HH, HHH and ZZZZ; and Subpart W (the “Greenhouse Gas Rule”).

We also maintain working relationships with flow measurement companies and laboratories capable of providing the information necessary for both quantifying and qualifying regulated air pollutant emissions that must be included in air quality permit applications.

As a result, we have the air quality skills and contacts to prepare construction permit applications for oil and gas production facilities, compressor, generator and pumping unit engines.  We can evaluate and compile air emission inventories required by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality Division.  We can perform Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analyses and air quality compliance auditing.  We can also prepare reports and notifications required under air quality permits.


Oil and Gas Production Facilities Permitting

  • Single Wells
  • PAD Facilities
  • Multiple Wells
  • Central Tank Batteries
  • Commercial and Non-Commercial Produced Water Handling Facilities
  • Internal Combustion Engines (Natural Gas and Diesel)




  • Triennial
  • Annual