Oil Gas Industry Resources

Petroleum Engineering


Gene R. George & Associates maintains an extensive library of technical references and report archives, including over 30 years of publications by the Wyoming Geological Association.  While client-specific archives always remain confidential, report archives provide our professional staff with a unique regional knowledge base for new projects.

In addition, GGA uses the latest in computer hardware and software including high-speed Internet access to assist our professional staff in their work. Large format color printing and plotting are available in-house, as well as scanning and image processing for presentation materials.



Principal software packages utilized by GGA include:

  • PETRA by GeoPlus Corporation - Mapping, cross section, contouring and production graph presentation.

  • LESA by Digital Formation - Well log analysis and interpretation.

  • PowerTools by IHS Energy – Reservoir analysis and economics package.

  • Saphir – Pressure transient analysis software. 

  • CMG – Reservoir simulation software.

  • Arc View and GIS 3D Spatial Analyst - State-of-the-art desktop mapping software for data analysis. Capabilities include creating, querying and mapping cell-based raster data and performance of integrated raster-vector analysis.

  • Autodesk Civil 3D - CAD based mapping software used to integrate GIS and CAD for unique solutions to geospatial feature mapping.

  • All Topo and Big Topo by iGage - Digital topographical maps.

  • CorelDraw 10 - Presentation graphics, montages, (image processing of optical data such as maps, well logs, photographs, and other paper data), geologic cross sections using log vector images.

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – Word processing, spreadsheets and presentation materials.

  • Microsoft Project – Project scheduling software.